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Power is precarious.

Nature teaches us this, if we have ears to listen.

The original meaning of “precarious” described something asked for, or prayed for (and therefore dependent on others). 

There are quiet leaders emerging in the world. They know their power by way of seeking out their physical, relational, and spiritual limits. They take time alone in nature, to be put back in their place. In solitary reflection, they ask questions that will always be bigger than their answers.

And from their place, they may create change in the world. Their attention goes not only to the scale of their influence, but to the quality of relatedness to what they affect. Their sphere of impact is small enough that they are daily reminded of their dependence on those they lead. 
They must ask for, and be given the power to lead.

I’m blessed to learn from a few of these remarkable souls.

So, what is important enough to you to risk being precarious?

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